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    Below is the setup and acceptable keywords for responses:

    Filtered words – scam – Private reply sent and comment hidden.

    Trigger words – yes/ok/sure/no/nope – Public reply on post, Post like by page, Private reply sent

    All other terms will get a generic reply.



Is AI compliant with Facebook?


Our platform is built on the official Facebook API and complies with all regulations.

Are there restrictions on sending bulk messages?

We recommend sending no more than one message daily and if you are going to daily send you should include the opt-out footer. But a healthy notification to your subscribers with quality content for them you should have no problem with complaints.

What are the risks

As long as you use AI in a responsible manner you should have no risks. We offer a opt-out addition to all bulk messages if you choose to use this, when a subscriber opts out they will no longer receive any mailings.

How can I contact support?

We handle all of our support via Facebook Messenger.

You can click the messenger chat icon on any page or: