Automated Lead Generation

Introducing bulk FB inboxing + AI automated post monitoring and auto lead generation

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Absolute Inbox is the single most important tool every FB page admin should have in their arsenal. We will allow you to bulk message all of your FB page messenger leads, as well as give you access to a suite of tools to generate leads and automatically gather leads from all of your pages posts!

  • Bulk messaging directly into the FB messenger inbox
  • Automatic lead generation from posts
  • Auto like comments on post as your page
  • Auto reply to comments on post as your page
  • Auto reply to comments on post via private message
  • Unique reply/comment based on keyword
  • Personalize comment/reply to include users name
  • Generate leads from your website using 2-way FB chat plugin
  • Automatically import new leads into your dashboard
  • Group leads for testing and response rate
  • Full notification and inbox manager for your pages
  • Filter post comments and delete based on bad keywords
  • Auto reply to post comments with image/gif/video

Add the 2-Way Chat plugin to YOUR website!

What does 2-way mean?

It means you can now interact with your customers without them ever leaving your website! You can see it in action right here on our page.

Absolute Inbox has been developed 100% using the official Facebook API and is within full compliance of all page use terms. That being said, this tool is extremely powerful and it is possible to abuse this system by spamming leads and not respecting opt-out requests.

See What Our Amazing Clients Have to Say

I couldnt be happier with this company My response on the posts have grown and my leads generated are over 4000 since stating to use this software. I was literally missing out on a whole portion of my pages potential THANK YOU!!!!

Tony Anderson
Tony Anderson Facebook Page Admin

I went from spending thousands every month using FB ads to spending a fraction simply because I was able to remarket at my leisure to everyone in my lead groups. This is like email marketing in the good old days.

Allen Boston
Allen Boston Affiliate Marketer